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“Smart cooling ™” is international company founded in cooperation with high-level HVAC system service professionals from England and United States. Company’s main scope of operation is solutions development for cooling and conditioning system efficiency enhancement. Company is working in this field from year 1994.

During our operation we have developed several innovative products. Our invention, we are most proud of, is adiabatic pre-cooling panel “Smart Cooling™”. This unique solution ensures possibility not only substantially increase cooling capacity of cooling and condensing equipment during hot season, but in same time also meaningfully reduce electric energy consumption.

We have focused our attention on cooling and conditioning solutions, what can ensure electric energy saving, because cooling and conditioning units occupy meaningful part in overall electric energy consumption of buildings (see below).

Industrial energy saving, adiabatic (evaporative) cooling

Our products use such worldwide known manufacturers as Schneider Electric and Philip Morris. Our products (adiabatic panels) are installed in more than 100 hypermarkets of well-known United States retail chain. Products are installed also for enterprises in Ukraine and Russia.

Every enterprise can only dream of 30% electric energy consumption economy used by their cooling and conditioning units. “Smart cooling ™” makes it real and our customers prove this. See our customer reviews.

Leading manufacturers approve our products:

  • daikin
  • lennox
  • airwell
  • carrier
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  • quay
  • rhoss
  • trane
  • york
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We have following criteria for our product development:

  1. product should ensure substantial efficiency in technological process where it is used;
  2. product is ecologically friendly;
  3. renewable energy resources are used as much as possible;
  4. use of our products must ensure quick investment return (ROI) to our customers.
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  • Technology approved by all leading manufacturers:

    york trane rhoss quay logo_guntner logo_al daikin carrier airwell lennox

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  • Scientific researches proving efficiency of product

    Here You can read several scientific researches about adiabatic cooling possibilities, obtained results using this effective method.

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University Study on Application of Water Mist Pre-Cooling on Air-Cooled Chillers.

    Colorado Springs Utilities Whitepaper on Pre-cooling

  • Look here, how Facebook uses this technology for its data center cooling purposes

  • Our customer reviews and case studies

    global_partnerSchneieder Electric logo

    Products ensured for Lexel factory
    Results: Energy consumption reduced by 31%, cooling capacity raised by 22%
    ROI = 7 month

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    Products ensured for Philip Morris factory, Intertaba, Italy
    Results: Energy consumption reduced by 37%, cooling capacity raised by 35%
    ROI = 5 month

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